Rhubarb Pain Perdu

(serves 4 hungry people) My test and development kitchen is waking up and so is my hunger for fresh and colourful things after a dark winter, although spring did come pretty early for us in our little corner of France. … Read More

Mechoui Lamb

Celebrate in Style With Oven Braised Lamb Mechoui

Lamb Mechoui was traditionally made using a whole lamb or goat which was pit roasted. Although it is originally a Berber dish, it is not uncommon to find it served in and around Perpignan, in France. The meat should almost… Read More

Posted on: 14th May
Tartiflette & Salad


There are many reasons to make a tartiflette; primarily because its delicious! Secondly because it goes wonderfully well with so many accompaniments; namely pickles and chutneys. Finally it gives an excellent excuse to buy one of Monsiuer Berenguel’s ‘Meuh’-blochons (or… Read More

Posted on: 5th February
Georgia Flatbreads

Muhammara Sauce

This is my version of the stunning Syrian dip, with Piquillo Peppers to give a swet and smoky flavour. It is a fast to make, flavoursome, power food! The Sourdough Georgia Flatbreads are delicious dipped into Muhammara sauce, and it… Read More

Posted on: 16th May
Georgia Flatbreads

Sourdough Georgia Flatbreads

(Makes 2 Flatbreads) These luscious flatbreads ooze with melted cheese and are delicious eaten on their own for a snack or lunch, or serve with a tomato, Kalamata olives, and avocado salad, and a dollop of Muhamara sauce (see tomorrow’s… Read More

Posted on: 15th May

Romesco Sauce (to accompany Tortilla Espanola)

This Catalan sauce has a wonderfully complex flavour and conveniently keeps for at least a week in the fridge. It is traditionally served with Calcots, but works beautifully with simply-cooked fish, roast chicken, and even over warm new potatoes. In… Read More

Posted on: 18th April

Tortilla Espanola: The Epitome of Spanish Tapas

I don’t think I have been in a tapas bar from Sanlucar to Girona, Madrid to San Sebastián, which has not had this dish on their menu. It is possibly the epitome of Spanish tapas. After decades of sampling versions… Read More

Posted on: 17th April