Rhubarb Pain Perdu

(serves 4 hungry people) My test and development kitchen is waking up and so is my hunger for fresh and colourful things after a dark winter, although spring did come pretty early for us in our little corner of France. … Read More

Mechoui Lamb

Celebrate in Style With Oven Braised Lamb Mechoui

Lamb Mechoui was traditionally made using a whole lamb or goat which was pit roasted. Although it is originally a Berber dish, it is not uncommon to find it served in and around Perpignan, in France. The meat should almost… Read More

Posted on: 14th May
Tartiflette & Salad


There are many reasons to make a tartiflette; primarily because its delicious! Secondly because it goes wonderfully well with so many accompaniments; namely pickles and chutneys. Finally it gives an excellent excuse to buy one of Monsiuer Berenguel’s ‘Meuh’-blochons (or… Read More

Posted on: 5th February
Georgia Flatbreads

Muhammara Sauce

This is my version of the stunning Syrian dip, with Piquillo Peppers to give a swet and smoky flavour. It is a fast to make, flavoursome, power food! The Sourdough Georgia Flatbreads are delicious dipped into Muhammara sauce, and it… Read More

Posted on: 16th May
Georgia Flatbreads

Sourdough Georgia Flatbreads

(Makes 2 Flatbreads) These luscious flatbreads ooze with melted cheese and are delicious eaten on their own for a snack or lunch, or serve with a tomato, Kalamata olives, and avocado salad, and a dollop of Muhamara sauce (see tomorrow’s… Read More

Posted on: 15th May