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Chilli & Tomato Ketchup

The ketchup can be put into preserving bottles, or it freezes well in small containers, so you could have a stream of ketchup throughout the winter months! 3 small Shallots A couple of sprigs of Thyme 4 cloves of Garlic… Read More

Fresh Mango and Chilli Chutney

Fresh Mango and Chilli Chutney This is by far my favourite chutney and I always have a jar in my fridge and I have clients that ask me to check that I’ve packed jars for their fridges too! This chutney… Read More


Tomato, Red Chilli & Bread Soup

This delicious country soup is perfect for those cool summer evenings, and requires the best ingredients: ripe and flavourful tomatoes, fresh zesty garlic, quality bread and local salt will each contribute. There is no need to skin and deseed the… Read More