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Stuffing balls

Bread Gnocchi

These little dumplings are surprisingly light yet deliciously satisfying and heart-warming. They can be poached (as you would cook a potato-based gnocchi) until they bob to the surface. My favourite way to cook these gnocchi is to bake them until… Read More

Introduction to Artisan Italian Breads

Wouldn’t it be great to make healthy artisan italian breads at home? Perhaps you don’t quite feel ready to adopt a sourdough culture? This workshop uses commercial yeast to introduce the techniques and practises needed to transform your home-made breads… Read More


Tomato, Red Chilli & Bread Soup

This delicious country soup is perfect for those cool summer evenings, and requires the best ingredients: ripe and flavourful tomatoes, fresh zesty garlic, quality bread and local salt will each contribute. There is no need to skin and deseed the… Read More

Cherry Fougasse Photo

Cherry & Almond Fougasse

I’ve just finished teaching at Strictly Catalan ( in the Pyrenees. Our latest guests were from Australia and we spent a wonderful week enjoying the foods, wines, culture and traditions of Catalunya. The French Catalans are passionate about their Fougasse. This… Read More

Jersey Royal Bread

Jersey Royal Potato Bread

Jersey Royal potato season is finally here! The potatoes were planted on the island of Jersey in January (continuing until April) and the harvest began in March and will continue until July. The peak of the season is in May… Read More