Introduction to Artisan Italian Breads

Wouldn’t it be great to make healthy artisan italian breads at home? Perhaps you don’t quite feel ready to adopt a sourdough culture? This workshop uses commercial yeast to introduce the techniques and practises needed to transform your home-made breads into loaves with the look and quality of a sourdough. You will learn to make nutritional, superior, breads with a fully-developed wheaty flavour and crusts with character in as little as 10 minutes hands-on time.

This workshop is perfect for the busy person- the less time you spend on these breads the better! By learning a few simple techniques you can produce breads which are easier to digest and with higher nutritional value; and the techniques can be applied to any of your favourite breads recipes. A tin of simple dried yeast can provide superior results over fresh yeast if used approriately; which saves both time and money!

In addition to the breads you will make in the workshop you will take home some dough which will keep in the fridge for at least 4 days. Won’t it be wonderful to arrive home from a busy day and have a nutritious fresh italian flat-bread in your hands within minutes!

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During the workshop you will learn to make:

  • Tortano – a moist bread perfect for dunking into new season olive oil or a rich winter braise
  • Crunchy Focaccia
  • Italian Wheat and Ryle loaf
  • Simple Italian dough to make Grissini and Calzone

The next workshop takes place on 21st September 2014 at Braxsted Park, Essex.

I Hope To See You There!