Sourdough Suppers…now available!!


After years of hard work it’s finished…my book ‘Sourdough Suppers’ has been printed and is now in stock at many major bookstores and online retailers. Friends and family who ordered from Troubador have already received their copies so if you are interested in buying my book, here’s a link:


It’s been an incredibly emotional couple of weeks…the nerve-wracking moment authorising the printing…the anticipation of the arrival of the truck with my copies of the book onboard…the excitement of opening the first box and holding the finished book in my hands…then the sheer pride and excitement of turning each page and taking-in the beautiful illustrations followed by the warm and fuzzy feeling of contentment that my book is now a real thing.









I feel a bit guilty calling ‘Sourdough Suppers’ my book, because I have worked with the most wonderful team of people. My editor, my friends and family, and my colleagues all of whom supported me through this process . I am truly thankful to you all and would not have reached this point without you- thank you!

I must say a little more on my extremely talented illustrator Kate Charter who brought my recipes to life with a series of clever, colourful, and humourous illustrations. Kate spent weeks learning the background to my recipes, my inspirations, and the ingredients. I couldn’t help but smile as the first sketches arrived, they were everything I could have hoped for and more. But it was the colour images which took my breath away; the creativity of her ideas,  the rich colours, the incredible detail, the gorgeous little characters.

Anyway, I am at risk of turning this quick update into an Oscar acceptance speech, so all that remains to be said is: if you buy a copy of the book, I hope it brings you much enjoyment.



Posted on: 27th May