Kale with Garlic & Tomatoes


Kale is something I have struggled to enjoy for some time. Despite its beautiful silvery-green spiky leaves and the fact that it’s packed with nutrients, I just haven’t enjoyed seeing it there upon my dinner plate. Until now that is…

As with many recipes this happened by accident. I have to forbid myself from visiting my local farmer’s market until I have completely finished the goodies that I purchased the previous week. On this occasion I was left with half a bag of Kale, some of Adrian Izzard’s baby tomatoes (the last of the season) and a garlic clove; and so Kale with Garlic & Tomatoes was born!

Put at least 50mls of Extra Virgin Olive Oil into a pan (with a lid) which will hold all of the ingredients. Remove the thick lower stem from the Kale and discard it. Rinse the Kale and leave the residual water on the leaves. Roughly chop the Kale and add it to the pan. Finely slice 1-2 Garlic cloves and add them to the pan along with a sprinkling of salt. Cut 1-2 handfuls of Baby Tomatoes in half and add them to the pan. Put the pan lid on and set it over the lowest heat you can achieve. Let everything stew very gently, untouched, for 30 minutes. Lift the lid and continue to cook until the remaining water and juices have evaporated.