Potato and Chickpea Naans Photo

Sourdough Naans Stuffed With Chickpeas & Potatoes

Makes x6 Naans The consistency of yoghurts change considerably so you may find that you need to make slight adjustments to the recipe depending on your chosen yoghurt.  I usually find I have a few tablespoons of the chickpea mixture… Read More

Posted on: 16th January
Prawn Tikka Photo

Chicken Tikka Masala

(Serves 4) Although the list of ingredients may seem long, this delicious rich masala sauce can be rustled up in no time. It is best left for 24hrs for the flavours to develop and will keep for several days in the… Read More

Posted on: 3rd January

Santa Loves Sourdough Suppers!

If you’re looking for something a bit different to give someone special this Christmas, or something for that foodie who has every kitchen gadget known to man, or simply searching for a beautiful gift…’Sourdough Suppers’ could be the perfect solution!… Read More

Posted on: 10th December

Anna’s Quest For Sourdough- by Anna Stankiewicz

My adventure with sourdough began unknowingly, around 30 years ago in Eastern Europe where I grew up. Then bread was simply bread. You had to queue for it in the bakery in the morning and carry it home, warm and… Read More

Posted on: 3rd December
Crackerbread Photo

Sourdough Sesame Cracker Bread

I often make these cracker breads to use-up any left-over day I have towards the end of the week. Any of my simple dough recipes will make light and crispy cracker bread. I tend to use  the ‘Simple White or Spelt’… Read More

Posted on: 18th November

Roast Carrot & Olive Hummus

You’ll love this hummus; packed with texture, colour, satisfaction and flavour! It’s my ‘superfood’. It keeps well in the fridge, makes a fabulous packed lunch, part of a mezze platter, and accompanies roast lamb, baked fish and chicken superbly. If… Read More

Posted on: 3rd November

Wild Yeast Apple Fritters

(These fritters are quite rich so 3 apples are usually sufficient for 4 people, or possibly more  than 4 if served with ice cream) These deliciously, crunchy on the outside and juicy in the middle, apple fritters work wonderfully with Prune, Armagnac and… Read More

Posted on: 17th October

Chilli Sherry for the Chilly Autumn Months

This sherry is best left for 3-4 weeks to give a zesty flavour. It makes a punchy cocktail when mixed with ice, sparkling rose wine, mint and lime. It also makes a super addition to a Bloody Mary, it spices-up… Read More

Posted on: 3rd October
Ketchup Photo

Chilli & Tomato Ketchup

The ketchup can be put into preserving bottles, or it freezes well in small containers, so you could have a stream of ketchup throughout the winter months! 3 small Shallots A couple of sprigs of Thyme 4 cloves of Garlic… Read More


Sourdough Battered Onion Rings

If you find your batter a little too runny to coat the onion rings, just whisk in another 10g of flour. The batter will keep for a couple of days in the fridge, but remember to bring it to room… Read More